Take Part

Thanks for considering taking part in the Hot Boxes project. At the moment we are trying to gather interested people who are willing to let us photograph their stash boxes. Please fill out the form and let us know that you are interested and where can find you. From there we can look into scheduling a shoot.


While it is down, please email us at photos@hotboxes.ca. Let us know that you are interested in taking part, and where you are emailing us from.

Thank you sooo much for your support.

  • This is not about pot

    While the item that we’re interested in may be the container that holds your marijuana and the tools that are associated with it, we are not interested in photographing any illicit substances, nor do we want the potential trouble of being around people’s pot. This is about the boxes.

  • Anonymity

    We’re not trying to photograph a bunch of people showing off their stash boxes. Our concern is the box and its associated implements. Your name will not be tied to the project in any way. Hell, you can use a pseudonym; not our concern. We do not share your email address, name or any other personal information with anyone else.

  • Where and when

    We are based out of Toronto and at the moment we are photographing in this region. We will also be scheduling a few quick shooting junkets in a few other Canadian and American cities and possibly beyond. If you are nowhere near Toronto but are still interested in taking part, please fill out the form and if we are in your area we can schedule a shoot.

  • Nothing Weird

    We appreciate your help by volunteering for this project. All we are asking for is permission to photograph your stash box; no money, no strings. We can’t afford to pay people to shoot their stash boxes. If any of the work ends up being published, we will randomly choose a few people from the list of contributors and offer them a copy of the work.