What is This All About Then?

Whether or not you smoke marijuana, there’s a good chance that you know someone who does.

Marijuana skirts the border between illegality and reluctant acceptance within our society. While still illegal in most circumstances, society’s relationship with the drug has changed over the past century. While fluctuating in popularity, marijuana in the home has generally remained more or less clandestine. This does not imply that the average marijuana smoker – whether a habitual user or a dabbler – squirrels away his or her supply and the related tools in some remarkably secure location.

For many pot smokers, the “stash box” is the nexus of their habit. While marijuana is in no way complicated to prepare, there can be a variety of different implements that accompany marijuana itself. This list often includes such miscellany as scissors, rolling papers, pipes, tweezers or clips. All of this is usually contained within something that can be described as a “stash box.” Stash boxes usually hide in the fringes, just at the edge of an open area: on a bookshelf, under the coffee table, on the mantle; just another piece of decor or another random container in a drawer.

There is a lot of character and individuality within the world of stash boxes. The aim of this project is to photograph a great number of stash boxes from a wide breadth of sources to capture their variety and character.

If you are interested in taking part, please visit the take part page, which explains the project in further detail. But to give you a quick synopsis:

We will schedule a photo shoot for your stash box. We are not interested in photographing marijuana. This project is not about glorifying the smoking of pot; we are not shooting a High Times centerfold. We keep the shooting anonymous so there is no fear of your name being associated with the box itself, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.